Learn Art in Kyoto

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Learn Art in Kyoto

Learn Art in Kyoto

Learn Art in Kyoto

Learn Art in Kyoto




Surrounded by gorgeous landscapes that uniquely mirror each of the four seasons, and with a cityscape composed of countless shrines, temples, and other Japanese architectural marvels, it is no wonder that Kyoto has been and promises to remain a favorite of aesthetes across the globe.

The city of Kyoto is also Japan’s 1, 000 year-old capital, historically asserting itself as the centre and hub of high art and culture. Traditional arts and crafts have successfully been preserved and carried on to the present day, where they continue to be held in extremely high regard.

This historic centre of civilization and culture also seamlessly integrates modern architecture into its landscape, forming a perfect synthesis of ancient and modern craftsmanship, a unique feature boasted by few cities in Japan.

Pursuing an education in the city of Kyoto is undoubtedly an experience unlike any other. Rightfully considered a college town, 10 percent of all residents are estimated to be students attending a college or university. Considering the unique features of the city and the student-friendly lifestyle which it offers, Kyoto ensures a successful, intriguing, and fruitful college experience.


Learn Art in Kyoto

Why Kyoto is the leading destination for art students.


The variety of fine art schools

The sheer number of art colleges all centralized in Kyoto, each one offering a host of different disciplines, enables one to find the artistic education path of their dreams.


Support for students offered by colleges

Along with ample scholarship opportunities, there are also well-developed support systems for international students.


Programs with proven success in examination preparation

Kyoto Art School has proven long-term success in helping art examinees achieve their goals, directing and supporting numbers of successful university applicants. For more information regarding the Japanese technical examination system and its procedures, please feel free to contact Kyoto Art School, one of the leading institutions in ensuring success in art examinations.